Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Here! It's Here!

The second Castle Sisters' book is now available for your e-reading pleasure!!

On a remote island deep within the Arctic Oceans of the North Pole there's been a fantastic discovery: an ancient eskimo village has been uncovered beneath the ice. It could be the archeological find of the century. 

Professor Henry Jones is heading up the expedition into the frozen wasteland and he's brought in a former student to help him out: Jacen Castle. And where Jacen Castle goes, his nieces, Faith and Summer, are never too far behind.

But what starts out as an adventure in uncovering the past, quickly turns into a struggle to stay alive as Agent Dark and the Tancredi Group make their next move.

Trapped in an arctic wasteland, it'll be up to the Castle Sisters to save the day, or face certain doom!

And if you haven't already, why don't you go ahead and pick up the first book the series:

Faith and Summer Castle are the ultimate crime fighting duo. 
And they're not even old enough to drive. 
Faith has the super smarts and Summer brings the super brawn. 

When their Uncle gets kidnapped by the evil Agent Dark the Castle Sisters find themselves facing their greatest challenge yet. 

The forces of darkness are gathering and the battle between good and evil has reached a pivotal turning point. Agent Dark has stolen a secret formula that could give him the ultimate control. With the sisters' Uncle out of the way, no one stands between Agent Dark and the end of everything. 

Not only does the fate of the world now hang in the balance, but the sisters must pull off what will almost certainly be an impossible rescue. 


If you love comic books, if you love serialized fiction, if you love Pixar movies, if you love my writing, if you loved the Alex Cheradon books and thought that they would be even better if Alex Cheradon was actually split into two preteen girls, than these books are for you! They're All Ages science fiction adventure stories with a little something for everyone! Go, get a copy for yourself. Get a copy for your kids. Get a copy for your neighbor's kids! I love writing these books and I think you guys will love reading them!


Before I go:

The Castle Sisters Book 3 next week:

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