Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday (Now Sunday) - The Castle Sisters

The Castle Sisters
(This is an All-Ages series)

Faith and Summer Castle are the ultimate crime fighting duo. 
And they're not even old enough to drive. 
Faith has the super smarts and Summer brings the super brawn. 

The forces of darkness are gathering and the battle between good and evil has reached a pivotal turning point. 

When their Uncle gets kidnapped by the evil Agent Dark and the mysterious organization known only as the Tancredi Group, the Castle Sisters find themselves in the middle of that very battle. 

It’s an adventure that will take the sisters from the concrete jungles of New York, to the frozen wastelands of the arctic, and to dimensions beyond our own. 

The fate of the world may hang in the balance, but it’s just another day for the Castle Sisters.

11am - 11pm EST
Each book $0.99

11pm - 11am EST
Each book $1.99

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday(But Now Saturday) - Alex Cheradon

Alex Cheradon

Alex Cheradon is a private investigator. He has a partner, Devon Christian who's a little crazy. 

Since his first day on the job, Alex has found himself at the center of some very unusual cases: 

-Missing daughters. 
-Time travel. 
-Crazy ex-partners who find themselves plagued with voices inside his head telling him to kill people. 
-Cults bent on bringing demons to Earth. 
-Cults bent on controlling the planet through advance scientific means. 
-Husbands who are cheating on their wives with alternate reality versions of their wives. 
-Lots of explosions. 
-We’re really not kidding about the explosions. It’s kind of ridiculous how many there are. 
-Honestly, the gunfight situation is just as bad as the explosion situation.

Yes. Is is that kind of series.

What Readers Are Saying:

"Quirky and fun!"

"Kept me laughing from beginning to end!"

"Alex is one of my favorites!"

"Krumbine puts more fun, action, and mayhem in a short novel than you’re likely to find in longer works, and he leaves you panting for more. "

Volume 1
11am - 11pm EST
Each book $0.99

11pm - 11am EST
Each book $2.99

Volumes 2 &3
11am - 11pm EST
Each book $0.99

11pm - 11am EST
Each book $1.99

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday - Reapers in Heels

Reapers in Heels
(This series is recommended for Mature Readers)

When a dead soul goes renegade you call a grim reaper. And when you’re in Century City, you call the Graves sisters.

Avery and Brooke Graves are two of the best reapers in town. For them, hunting down a renegade dead soul is easy, hunting for a good man, however, is a whole ‘nother challenge.

What Readers Are Saying:

"...wise cracking, butt kicking, fun mystery that is a great read!"

"...great chemistry between the two (sisters) and I found myself laughing and smiling at their conversations throughout the entire book."

"True characters with relatable personalities. I'm hooked on the whole series."

11am - 11pm EST
Each book $0.99

11pm - 11am EST
Each book $1.99


Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Friday - All Weekend Long

I'm running a Black Friday Weekend Sale on everything I've published through Amazon. If you've been waiting to get caught up on a particular series, this would be the time to do it. I'm spreading it out so that every day will be a different series (see the line up below) and I'll also have a reminder here the site the day of each sale.

Like all good Black Friday deals, the best ones are early on. So, for the first twelve hours (8am to 8pm PST or 11am to 11pm EST) everything is at $0.99. For the second twelve hours the price goes up to either $1.99 or $2.99, depending on which series it is. And then, at the twenty-four mark, each series returns to it's normal pricing.

Friday - Reapers in Heels -  $0.99 - $1.99

(excludes the newest one, Love is Wasted on the Dead)

Saturday - Alex Cheradon -$0.99 - $2.99/$1.99

Sunday - The Castle Sisters - $0.99 - $1.99

Monday - Everything Else

Rupert & Me

Outlawed Love

Explorers of the Unknown