Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Grave Full of Stilettos

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So, it's here finally. The 3rd Reapers in Heels book. I'll let the book speak for itself:

Things are heating up in Century City.

Brooke Graves, against her better judgment, has decided to reconnect with her ex Stanley Morris. He may be a man with questionable morals, but he has a lot of love for this half of Century City’s prettiest grim reaping team.

Avery Graves is finding herself torn between the affections of two men. She wants to do the right thing and stay true to her loyal boyfriend, but her heart may have other ideas.

Lori Standford’s mother died six months ago, but she’s too terrified to grieve properly. It seems Mommy Standford is back, haunting Lori out of her home. With nowhere else to go, Lori turns to the Graves sisters for help.

This time the girls don’t have to hunt down a renegade dead soul, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any easier.

You can, of course, buy it now or wait until it goes free next week. Either way is fine, just be sure to spread the word if you liked it.

This'll be the last Reapers in Heels book for a couple of months. I've been working on grim reapers in one form or another since July of last year and I need a break. I've got a few other projects that I want to get out before starting on another the Graves sisters book. RiH will probably return some time in the Fall with a new title theme (I think I exhausted all variations of stilettos and graves). Maybe, if there's any interest, after the book's been out for a few weeks I'll do a Q&A if you guys had any particular questions about the series.

Speaking of Reapers in Heels and free: Book 2 is currently free for the next three days. Now's the time to grab it and spread the word!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Look Around and All I See is Free

So, I'm doing a, I don't know, free tour? Between Feb 22nd and March 9th I'll have a bunch of books for free. Specifically, I'll have these books for free:

Free 02/22/12 - 02/24/12

Free 02/25/12 - 02/27/12

Free 02/28/12 - 03/01/12

Free 03/02/12 - 03/03/12

Free 03/04/12 - 03/06/12

Free 03/07/12 - 03/09/12

Every book is getting a two or three day promotion. 

You may want to ask me: "Jason, why are you giving away so many books?"

To which I would answer:

I'm giving away so many books in hopes of selling even more.

This is how it works:

A book goes free.

The more people that download it, the higher it goes on the Free Bestseller lists.

The higher the book gets on all the lists, the more visibility it gets.

When the book switches back over to paid it'll end up with a higher ranking and it'll be positioned in a lot of Also Boughts (That's the selection of books you see on every page. Customers who bought this also bought...).

And, again, the more Also Boughts the book is on, the more visibility it gets.

The ultimate goal would be to get into the Top 10 Free Books, in hopes that when they go back to paid, my books will be well within the Top 100 or higher.

If you see something you like, make sure you get it and tell all of your friends! 

Remember, you don't actually need a Kindle anymore to download a Kindle book. Thanks to things like apps for your iPad or smartphone or even the Kindle cloud reader, you can download and read a Kindle book anywhere. All you really need is a Amazon account.

So, please, make sure you grab a copy for yourself and please, please, please spread the word!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sneak Peek: A Grave Full of Stilettos

It's finished!! Proofreaders are going over it now and the third Reapers in Heels book, A GRAVE FULL OF STILETTOS, should be out by the 29th. Worried that you might miss the release date? Just fill out that form to your right and you'll get an email just as soon as the book is available for purchase.

Now, to get you all excited, here's a peek at the first 1,300 words. Be sure to tell all of your friends to buy the book, okay? Thanks.

Lori Standford settles in to her chair with a hot cup of tea and good book in hand, preparing herself for a quiet night at home.

Wisps of steam drift off her tea and swirling around, filling her nose with the scent of chamomile. The purple mug reminds her of times past when she graduated from college. Her mother had stood there so proud and clapping so loud as Lori accepted her diploma. The purple mug was waiting for Lori when she got back to her dorm that night. “Word’s Smartest Daughter” is emblazoned on it in thick gold letters.

The memory makes her sad. 

It’s only been a few months but the wounds are still raw and not for the first time, Lori wonders if she shouldn’t have just sold her mother’s house, rather than moving in.

It’s a big house, filled with nooks, crannies and ghosts of memories.

Lori shakes her head. No, she did the right thing. It was bad enough to lose her mother. But her childhood home? Lori wasn’t ready to part with everything just yet.

She gently blows on the hot tea, trying to cool it down to a bearable temperature. Hot tea before bed with her mother is a fond memory.

Lori sighs and gives in to the sadness. She misses her mom.

She sets the book aside, there wouldn’t be any reading tonight. No, tonight she is going to let her memories keep her company. Maybe she’d rediscover a forgotten nugget of wisdom her mother had passed down her to her.

Lori smiles. Maybe she’d figure out how to boil water for her tea without burning the roof of her mouth. She’s pretty sure her mother told her once or twice how to get that right.

The noise startles her immediately. At first she thinks it’s a bird flying into one of the upstairs windows.

But then it happens again.

Lori sets her “Word’s Smartest Daughter” mug and gets to her feet.

It’s a pounding noise. A heavy noise, as though someone was dropping a bags of bricks against the floor above her.

Lori walks carefully to the entrance of her living room. She hears whispers now.


“Hello?” Lori calls out. “Is anybody there?”

She feels immediately silly. Of course there’s no one there. It’s just Lori. All alone in the empty house.

Except the pounding noise isn’t coming from outside.

And the whispers aren’t in her head.

“Hello?” Lori says again, stepping into the hallway.

She catches sight of it for a second out of the corner of her eye. It’s a fleeting image, flickering away like a broken movie reel. She forgets about it almost immediately.

The blood dripping from her walls has Lori’s complete attention.

After that, the night’s a blur of screams and nightmares.