Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Look Around and All I See is Free

So, I'm doing a, I don't know, free tour? Between Feb 22nd and March 9th I'll have a bunch of books for free. Specifically, I'll have these books for free:

Free 02/22/12 - 02/24/12

Free 02/25/12 - 02/27/12

Free 02/28/12 - 03/01/12

Free 03/02/12 - 03/03/12

Free 03/04/12 - 03/06/12

Free 03/07/12 - 03/09/12

Every book is getting a two or three day promotion. 

You may want to ask me: "Jason, why are you giving away so many books?"

To which I would answer:

I'm giving away so many books in hopes of selling even more.

This is how it works:

A book goes free.

The more people that download it, the higher it goes on the Free Bestseller lists.

The higher the book gets on all the lists, the more visibility it gets.

When the book switches back over to paid it'll end up with a higher ranking and it'll be positioned in a lot of Also Boughts (That's the selection of books you see on every page. Customers who bought this also bought...).

And, again, the more Also Boughts the book is on, the more visibility it gets.

The ultimate goal would be to get into the Top 10 Free Books, in hopes that when they go back to paid, my books will be well within the Top 100 or higher.

If you see something you like, make sure you get it and tell all of your friends! 

Remember, you don't actually need a Kindle anymore to download a Kindle book. Thanks to things like apps for your iPad or smartphone or even the Kindle cloud reader, you can download and read a Kindle book anywhere. All you really need is a Amazon account.

So, please, make sure you grab a copy for yourself and please, please, please spread the word!


  1. I wanted to download A is for Amnesia, B is for Bullet today, but it is not listed as free. Have the dates changed? I have it on my Nook but want to get it for my Kindle library too.

  2. No, the dates haven't changed. Amazon's got some weird hiccup thing going on today. There are a bunch of free promotions that either aren't ending or aren't starting. It'll probably be free later today or tomorrow for sure.

  3. Mary,

    It's fixed now. A is for Amnesia is now free!

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