Reapers in Heels

This series is Recommended for Mature Readers, Ages 18 and Up
(This Series is Now Completed)


All 3 books in Volume 1 are now available in one collected edition:

This collected edition contains the follow 3 books:

When a dead soul goes renegade you call a grim reaper. And when you’re in Century City, you call the Graves sisters.

Avery and Brooke Graves are two of the best reapers in town. For them, hunting down a renegade dead soul is easy, hunting for a good man, however, is a whole ‘nother challenge.

Brooke’s ex-boyfriend is back in her life and the heat between them is quickly turning up.

After what was supposed to be a simple double homicide at the Kirkland Motel the Graves sisters end up with more than they bargained for.

With love on the rocks and souls on the run, it’s just another day for these reapers in heels.


When a dead soul goes renegade you call a grim reaper. And when you’re in Century City, you call Avery and Brooke, the Graves sisters.

Jack and Cindy were a happily married couple. She was an elementary school teacher. He was an aspiring children’s book author. They had the perfect life together, until the day they decided to kill themselves. Their souls never arrived in the afterlife and now it’s up Avery and Brooke to find out where these deceased lovers have wandered off to.

Hunting down a pair of dead lovers isn’t the only thing on Brooke’s to-do list. Her love life is a mess with too many men, too many options and not enough time. And what starts out as a meaningless fling for her quickly moves to something more serious for him.

Love, death, relationships and sparkly shoes. It’s just another day for Century City’s prettiest grim reapers.



Things are heating up in Century City.

Brooke Graves, against her better judgment, has decided to reconnect with her ex Stanley Morris. He may be man with questionable morals, but he has a lot love for this half of Century City’s prettiest grim reaping team.

Avery Graves is finding herself torn between the affections of two men. She wants to do the right thing and stay true to her loyal boyfriend, but her heart may have other ideas.
Lori Standford’s mother died six months ago, but she’s too terrified to grieve properly. It seems Mommy Standford is back, haunting Lori out of her home. With nowhere else to go, Lori turns to the Graves sister’s for help.

This time the girls don’t have to hunt down a renegade dead soul, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any easier.


It’s Christmas Eve in Century City and all Avery Graves wants is magical evening with her wonderful boyfriend. What she gets instead is nightmare before Christmas when the local Scrooge dies and starts haunting the Twin Pines Mall. He’s determined to spread holiday gloom and it’s up to Avery and Brooke Graves, the city’s favorite reapers in heels, to round up this Scrooge of a ghost before it’s too late.

DEAD FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a short story approximately 5,500 words.

Chronologically, DEAD FOR THE HOLIDAYS takes place about one year prior to the start of ONE STILETTO IN THE GRAVE



VOLUME 2 - Diamonds Before Death

Things are tense for Century City’s prettiest grim reapers.

Brooke’s boyfriend has ended up in Saint Mercy’s ER thanks to a brutal beating from local gangster, Dicky Ramburg. In addition, Brooke’s now on the hook for finding a centuries old human skull and delivering it to Ramburg. If she doesn’t deliver, Dicky’s promised that it’ll be her and her family that end up in the emergency room next. Before Brooke and Avery have any time to even process what’s happened, things go from bad to worse.

Something is amiss in Saint Mercy’s. At first its thought to be just an accident, a tired, overworked doctor simply wasn’t paying attention. But then it happens again. 

And again.

And again.

Avery and Brooke find themselves trapped in every grim reaper’s nightmare:

The dead in Saint Mercy’s aren’t staying dead.


Death has a way of uncovering truths...

With her boyfriend in a coma, Brooke is slowly spiraling out of control and desperately trying to cover up her pain, but instead is being overwhelmed with guilt.

Avery, however, has her own problems, in addition to trying to keep her sister alive. It’s up to her to hold the family business together and to save her relationship with her boyfriend. And each task is becoming harder with every passing day.

William Raines is a dead man, found on a dock, miles away from where he was killed. Raines has been implicated in Century City’s biggest diamond heist and now his soul has disappeared. But is he on the run, or is it something else altogether?



There are so many ways to die in Century City...

The El Diamantes and the Death Doctors have been at each other’s throats for years, two warring gangs battling for control of Century City. Last night their battle took a turn for the worse and dozens were killed.

Now, racing against the clock, Avery and Brooke must hunt down the distressed souls of the deceased gang members before they haunt the living to their own early graves.


Two days ago Morgan Gordon dropped dead. And nobody noticed.

Including the Council of Reapers.

So Morgan Gordon kept on living his life, with no one the wiser.

There is a structure and order to the nature of death, and thanks to the fallout from Messor & Decessus there simply aren’t enough grim reapers available to maintain the order between the living and the dead.

And, as usual, Avery and Brooke Graves are caught in the middle of it.



There are two sets of laws in this world: The Law of the Living and the Law of the Dead. And the Graves Sisters are getting caught between them both.

Avery’s love life will suffer as she cannot maintain the romance amongst the wickedness of death.

Brooke struggles with what she knows to be true and the pursuits of her heart.

There are dark days ahead for the Graves Sisters...

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VOLUME 3 - Love Lives Forever in Death

When a dead soul goes renegade, you call in a grim reaper to hunt them down. But sometimes, when a dead soul goes renegade, it's not just about running away from that white light. And a grim reaper can help with that, too.

It's been 6 months since Yvette Spencer and Dicky Ramburg upended the lives of Avery and Brooke Graves.

It's been six months since anyone's heard from Thane Grym.

It's been six months since the Alpha Reapers assumed control of Messor & Decessus.

Time has not been kind to everyone.

And now, at the home of Harriet Paddington, those six months are about to catch up with Avery and Brooke.

Volume 3 of Reapers in Heels starts here.


Brooke Graves is faced with a terrible decision. Her boyfriend has been in a coma for six months and she doesn’t know how to move on with her life. 

Meanwhile, after no contact for months, Thane Grym has finally, abruptly, returned to Century City. But it’s not the dead that’s brought him back. It’s his love for Avery Graves. 

However there’s something brewing in the reaper community. Something dark. Something violent. 

A war is coming. 

And the Graves’ sisters may find themselves right smack dab in the middle of that war.


This is the end. 

Stanley Morris is a loan shark. A low life. A thief. A con man. A man of questionable ethics and morality. He is also a lover. He is a fighter. He is from London, England and he is an only child. 

Up until six months ago he was Brooke Graves’ boyfriend. Most of the time. 

However, for the last six months, Stanley Morris has been in a coma and Brooke has been wracked with confusion and guilt. She didn’t know what to do with her life. She didn’t know how she felt. All she knew was that Stanley Morris was in a coma and it was her fault. 

But eventually Brooke came to terms with her decisions, with her life. 

Then three weeks ago Stanley Morris woke up from his coma. When he woke, though, he wasn’t Stanley Morris anymore. The man he is now is a monster. 

Stanley Morris was many things. But he wasn’t a monster. 

The monster is in control now and he’s on a collision course with everyone. Including the Graves’ sisters. 

This is the end.


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