The Castle Sisters

Volume One: The Impossible Darkness

The Castle Sisters Volume One is now available in Print! Collecting all five installments:

The Impossible Rescue
The Arctic Isle of Doom
The Invasion of the Imaginary Friends
The Mall of Eternity
The Doomsday Device

Printed Edition $15.95

Digital Edition $7.99

Faith and Summer Castle are the ultimate crime fighting duo. 

And they're not even old enough to drive. 
Faith has the super smarts and Summer brings the super brawn. 

When their Uncle gets kidnapped by the evil Agent Dark the Castle Sisters find themselves facing their greatest challenge yet.

The forces of darkness are gathering and the battle between good and evil has reached a pivotal turning point. Agent Dark has stolen a secret formula that could give him the ultimate control. With the sisters' Uncle out of the way, no one stands between Agent Dark and the end of everything.

Not only does the fate of the world now hang in the balance, but the sisters must pull off what will almost certainly be an impossible rescue.

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On a remote island deep within the Arctic Oceans of the North Pole there's been a fantastic discovery: an ancient eskimo village has been uncovered beneath the ice. It could be the archeological find of the century.

Professor Henry Jones is heading up the expedition into the frozen wasteland and he's brought in a former student to help him out: Jacen Castle. And where Jacen Castle goes, his nieces, Faith and Summer, are never too far behind.

But what starts out as an adventure in uncovering the past, quickly turns into a struggle to stay alive as Agent Dark and the Tancredi Group make their next move.

Trapped in an arctic wasteland, it'll be up to the Castle Sisters to save the day, or face certain doom! 

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With Agent Dark and the Tancredi Group lying low, the Castle sisters are at a loss for clues to their nefarious plans and are facing an even greater threat: boredom. 

Fortunately, Gianna Madsen has a problem that only the Castle sisters can solve: Her imaginary friend is trying to kill her! And, even worse, he might not be the only imaginary friend with sinister intentions. 

It’s up to Faith and Summer to uncover the mystery and save the day before their world is invaded by people that are only supposed to exist in our imaginations!

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The Mall of Eternity is New York City’s newest shopping hotspot! Seven stories tall, a total walking distance of ten miles and with room for over five hundred stores, it’s the largest mall in America, possibly even the world.

Faith and Summer Castle are among the first to grace the doors of this fantastic new mall. But little do they know there lies a dangerous secret beneath the Mall of Eternity...

Agent Dark and the Tancredi Group have slowly been pulling together their resources for their ultimate plan and now need only one more thing before they can make their final move. And what they need lies beneath the Mall of Eternity.

What was supposed to be a simple shopping outing for the Castle Sisters and their Uncle is now a thrilling adventure as they battle to stop the bad guys and save the day.

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It’s the final chapter in the Castle Sister’s battle against the villainous Agent Dark and the Tancredi Group.

Truths will be uncovered.

Lies will be revealed.

The End has arrived.

New York City is under siege and Agent Dark stands at the precipice of achieving everything he’s worked for. The world is within his grasp and the only people that stand in his way are Faith and Summer Castle.

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