Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday(But Now Saturday) - Alex Cheradon

Alex Cheradon

Alex Cheradon is a private investigator. He has a partner, Devon Christian who's a little crazy. 

Since his first day on the job, Alex has found himself at the center of some very unusual cases: 

-Missing daughters. 
-Time travel. 
-Crazy ex-partners who find themselves plagued with voices inside his head telling him to kill people. 
-Cults bent on bringing demons to Earth. 
-Cults bent on controlling the planet through advance scientific means. 
-Husbands who are cheating on their wives with alternate reality versions of their wives. 
-Lots of explosions. 
-We’re really not kidding about the explosions. It’s kind of ridiculous how many there are. 
-Honestly, the gunfight situation is just as bad as the explosion situation.

Yes. Is is that kind of series.

What Readers Are Saying:

"Quirky and fun!"

"Kept me laughing from beginning to end!"

"Alex is one of my favorites!"

"Krumbine puts more fun, action, and mayhem in a short novel than you’re likely to find in longer works, and he leaves you panting for more. "

Volume 1
11am - 11pm EST
Each book $0.99

11pm - 11am EST
Each book $2.99

Volumes 2 &3
11am - 11pm EST
Each book $0.99

11pm - 11am EST
Each book $1.99

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