Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New RiH Book: No Diamonds Upon Death

The new Reapers in Heels book is finally here!

Death has a way of uncovering truths...

With her boyfriend in a coma, Brooke is slowly spiraling out of control and desperately trying to cover up her pain, but instead is being overwhelmed with guilt.

Avery, however, has her own problems, in addition to trying to keep her sister alive. It’s up to her to hold the family business together and to save her relationship with her boyfriend. And each task is becoming harder with every passing day.

William Raines is a dead man, found on a dock, miles away from where he was killed. Raines has been implicated in Century City’s biggest diamond heist and now his soul has disappeared. But is he on the run, or is it something else altogether?

I'll update this post as the book becomes available on the Nook, iBookstore and Kobo.

Sorry it's been such a long gap between books 4 & 5. Scheduling problems are behind us now and there should a new Reapers in Heels book every month through December, wrapping up Volume 2!

Want to save three bucks and get the book for free? Leave a review on One Stiletto in the Grave. Take a snapshot of it and email it to me at On Oct. 5 I'll randomly pick 2 people to get a free copy of NO DIAMONDS UPON DEATH.

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