Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays

So, to celebrate Christmas and the launch of the Reapers in Heels series, I wrote a short story.

It’s Christmas Eve in Century City and all Avery Graves wants is magical evening with her wonderful boyfriend. What she gets instead is nightmare before Christmas when the local Scrooge dies and starts haunting the Twin Pines Mall. He’s determined to spread holiday gloom and it’s up to Avery and Brooke Graves, the city’s favorite reapers in heels, to round up this Scrooge of a ghost before it’s too late.

DEAD FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a short story approximately 5,500 words.

Isn't that a cute cover?

Dead for the Holidays is currently free for your Kindle through Sunday 19th. I urge you to download a copy and tell your friends to download a copy. I want this short story to the most downloaded story this weekend!

If you've read One Stiletto in the Grave already and are curious about the continuity of these two stories, it's quite simple: Dead for the Holidays takes place about a year prior to the start of One Stiletto in the Grave. If you haven't read One Stiletto in the Grave yet, then don't worry about it.

So, let's shoot for a Christmas miracle here, folks! One million downloads over the next five days! Let's go!







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